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      Select ambassador service to enrol for incentive sales program


      Simplest and Fastest way to start your Digital ERP journey


      educare category

      eUPP Premium

      Select this service to enrol for various flavors of digital presence social media and web


      #comeback100 program enables you to equip your institute with latest technologies

      SIS K12

      Select this service to subscribe for regular SIS K12 standard models


      Select iMerit service to begin your journey to a premium career

      SIS myLearn

      Select myLearn service to enrol for most advanced hybrid LMS

      SIS Online Assessment

      Service module to enrol for Online Examinations for your institute

      eUPP SMM

      Enhance your presence using our Social Media Package for Educational Institutes.

      eUPP SMMC

      Enhance your presence using our Social Media Packages for corporates

      eUPP General Service

      eUPP General services provide enhanced services to the Educational institutes.

      SIS Online Enablement

      Conduct your classes online using SIS Online Enablement Service

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